Fishing is known to be one of the most expensive and exciting sports and activity. It started as a recreational event for the wealthy classes during the 18th century. Then this has gradually become accessible to other people because new equipment and tools were invented as technology advances.And to be able to catch a one-of-a-kind fish, these anglers have to travel to various places and search in different waters. To no longer prolong the frustrations in searching for some good spots, listed below are some of the famous places for fishing.

Pi-as Bay, Panama

Pi-as Bay is one of the famous places to fish during the cold season. It is a great spot to catch various sizes of fish such as Sailfish and Blue Marlin. Moreover, staying here is very convenient and cozy. There are beautiful hotels which are the same when you go fishing trips.

Iztapa, Guatemala

This place is known for its great view, moderate temperature, and calm seas. Anglers could also catch a magnificent Pacific Sailfish while trolling with an assembled ballyhoo or using a traditional tackle technique or also known as fly fishing.

Lizard Island, Australia

Australia is known for being the home of extraordinary animals. Thus visiting here in Lizard Island surely assures people to see and catch amazing fish. This place has made its name as a great location for the fall season because this is where anglers could catch black marlins. Also, people could also try jigging, trolling, and flat fishing. This is because these are the ideal methods for the guides and local anglers.

Hatteras, North Carolina

Hatteras is considered to be a great place to catch yellowfin tuna every November and December. Known for its perfect currents, weather conditions, and bottom structure, this was considered to be the best areas where the fish gather at the Coast of the Atlantic.

Martha’s Vineyard

This place is located in the center of the striper’s migratory route making it a spot that’s full of natural bait that the fish love. Because of this, anglers could easily catch tons of fishes such as striped bass and massive marlins using the trolling parachute jigs and casting poppers as methods. The same can also be found via fishing charters.

Ocracoke Island, North Carolina

Another perfect spot in North Carolina, people could successfully fish in Ocracoke Island during any season. Thus, it is included as the best choice for anglers who travel all year round. This is also a place rich with red drums – a fish that’s rare and not common to other countries. And other more unusual fish.