The HC License is an abbreviation for Higher Combination vehicles license which includes all the vehicles that weigh more than a 9,000 kg. These vehicles can’t be driven by a person having a normal casual drivers license, but it requires the people to drive it who have the Hc licence Brisbane which allows them to drive these heavy trucks and lorries. These are certified professionals that are trained to drive these heavy mechanics on the highways without any difficulties.

The people who own the license know that it expires almost after a year or more and for passing the exam to get the license the candidate has to pass some exams, at first he needs to know all the necessary information about the higher combination vehicles and all the rules about how they are driven and what are the terms and conditions, after which if they pass that exam they tend to appear in another exam that deals with all the physical part of a person. The first test basically examines the IQ or the knowledge of the person related to the things a driver must know before giving the driver’s license test.

And the second test is based on how fit the person is physically for the job or the license. Which includes that the person should have a good eye sight because these heavy vehicles need a lot of focus to be driven by a person and also that they examine how physically fit you are by taking your information that includes your weight and all the other essentials. There are a thousands of applicants for the license almost every 6 months but only a few or just a hundred pass the exam because to drive a heavy vehicle all the intricate and delicate information and rules are known and followed by only some of them.

Most of the people pass the knowledge test but they are not able to pass the eyesight test which is why they are not given the license. It costs around $100- $110 per hour and there are necessary 5 hours to be taken as a test drive in. With the higher combination license all the drivers having it can even drive buses and all heavy lorries. When the applicant successfully completes the whole procedure the company or the license school gives them a certificate certified with their affiliation and are registered as one of the Higher Combination vehicles drivers’ license’s owner. All of the drivers are requested by the companies to drive safely and according to the rules and limits of the roads and these drivers are strictly told that if they break any rules and regulations their license may be taken and cancelled if a fatal mis hap or anything such occurs.