Every professional has their own secrets; just like a chef never really exposes the secret ingredients a lawyer has his own set of secrets.

Did you know attorney fees are negotiable?

If you’re a person who is willing to pay any price mentioned by a lawyer then you my friend is in trouble. If you’re a person who is bit price-conscious you can actually negotiate the fees with the lawyer. Even though not all lawyers will be willing to drop down their price they will be willing to hear you out. But you must remember that contingency fee standards are predetermined and is fixed although the rates due hourly or fee for printing or other small fees are negotiable. You even have the trusted no win no fee lawyers who only charges you if the case is in your favour.

Did you know you don’t actually need a lawyer always?

Thanks to the internet and helpful websites it is obvious that we don’t need a lawyer for some certain instances. Many tasks that was supposed to be carried out by lawyers it’s self can be done by you simply by sitting in your couch. Your contracts, your wills, incorporation forms and tenant agreements can be done simply by filling in the blanks now.

Did you know practising law is not that attractive?

Even though the television series or movie you watched about the law industry convinced you to become a lawyer one day it is not very attractive when it comes to the real world. Almost all work will be done through letters and phone calls. Even though you think your lawyer should wear a metal mask and metal armour with a long cape holding a fire torch in his high horse while he is shouting his guys off in the court room on your behalf, it is actually not the case. It’s as if you’re paying your lawyer to ring up another lawyer who might even be his friend to ask about some stuff relating to your case where they finally place their signature in the same set of papers they have signed about thousand times. For example, work injury lawyers Townsville where the hired lawyer must ring up the other party’s lawyer.

Did you know attorneys don’t want you to be concerned much with the invoice?

Lawyers keep proper track on how much time they have allocated to a certain project. But there is actually no proper way to verify the time they have actually claimed they worked. Similar to a bill you will receive from a hospital an invoice from a lawyer will be prices for itemization! Because they charge fees for the amount of pages they print and for the amount of paper they faxed! Or for the amount conversations over the phone!! And the best part is it just adds up really quickly! I’m pretty sure now you are aware of some of the secrets of lawyers so you can keep them in mind when you visit a lawyer next time and you will not forget to negotiate or double check the recommendations you receive.