Shades sail is basically a technique used to create outdoor shade. This technology derived from Sea Shipping Sails. In past Sailor flexible membrane tied to various anchor points to create temporary shade for ship and usually the same shade used from ship’s sailing. The same technology has been replicated for creating outdoor shade and now with the availability of more flexible material, there is much innovation in shade sails online manufacturing.

Typically, the Shade is needed to avoid sunlight in a particular area. But now high-quality material can give us stronger shade for rainy or snowy weather. The certain types of shade in general use are:

• Waterproof: The fabric or sheet of this shade is made with dense stranded material. It doesn’t have any pores in it and specially designed in a curved shape. In case of rain, the water will not pass through the sheet and its curved shape will direct water to fall away from the shade. They are installed permanently because they required stronger structure to hold and sheet are not easy to displace. The most common household use of these waterproof shade is for Car Garage. People prefer to use shade sail for the garage as it’s cheaper and require minimal maintenance.

• Water Resistant: Water-resistant shades are best for areas where rain probability is less. They can provide resistance to water but in case of heavy showering, they can’t hold the water. But they are a bit cheaper than waterproof shade and serve their purpose if selected sensibly as per the area’s weather.

• Ultraviolet Protection Shades: This type of shade is more common in portable shades. There sizes and structure varies as per their utility. They are coated with a UV protection layer and reduces the UV effect by up to 90%. The highest application of these shades are in desserts, camping sites in direct sunlight and even people have smaller shades for picnics, etc.

These are the various types of shades. Now we will be describing shapes of shades sail which are in common use.

Umbrella Shape Shade: This is the most common shape for outdoor umbrellas Mornington Peninsula. Everyone has witnessed these shapes in their surroundings. Most of these can be found in household and they are also known as Garden Shade. This is ideal to sit under with a novel, have a cup of tea or just spend time in outdoor.

Patio Shape Shade: Patio shape shade is used for non-uniform areas where the shade will be customized as per the surface area. Mostly Patio Shades are anchored from walls or surrounding structures instead of erecting it from the center. Erecting the center will increase its cost.

Other than these shapes, one can customize and design their own shade as per their requirements. Nowadays, it’s very easy to compare and buy shades sail online. There are many websites that can provide shade sail as per customer requirements. They also help customers to analyze other options along with the cost.