Metal is known to be hard and very useful in the daily life. It is use in almost everything. In addition, many known alloys found are being use in all over the world. From a tiny capacitor to humongous machinery metal is the most essential element.

There are many types of metal, some of which are:

● Aluminum: In today’s world, aluminum is the most common metal, as of its low-cost and non-corrosive nature. It is mainly use in outdoor purposes. It is less strong and lighter than steel.

● Brass: it is a hard metal. Moreover, it is use in many different purposes. It is a yellowish gold like element that is an excellent conductor of heat; it is an expensive metal if bought in raw form. It is also non-corrosive which gives it a low maintenance nature. It is use in decoration and lighting purposes. 

● Stainless steel: it is an alloy of carbon, iron and chromium and some other metals. It has a very high non-corrosive nature because of chromium. It is a much low maintenance material, is much stronger, and light than aluminum. It is use in almost everything, such as kitchen appliances, furniture, and construction. 

● Copper: it is an antique metals being use from the old ages. It is use in lighting, wires; as of its high conductivity, and decoration; because of its antique look. 

● Iron; it is also known as a bending metal. In addition, it is use in casting for heavy duty appliances. Such as huge metal bars used in building construction and heavy parts of a heavy-duty machine. Because of it’s very hard and strong nature. Iron oxidizes and rust very quickly. 

If we talk about cutting metals, it has been going on from centuries by many different methods. In addition, with due time due to technological development it has become very easy to cut metal. Many different types of metal cutters have made with respect to time and technology. As we want metal to be shaped as we want it to be. Some of the basic metal cutters are:

● Lathe: it is a metal cutting tool, which uses a high-speed rotary blade to cut metal precisely, and efficiently the way you want it to be. However, because of its not so solidity blades need to be changed frequently.

● Grinder: it is considered to be the most obvious and general cutting tool. It implied of a diamond tipped blade, which carries on in a high-speed rotation. It gives metal a smoother surface.

● Laser cutting: with technological diversity, laser cutting is becoming the most popular of all as ts used in large industries. It is the most accurate and used in designing through metal sheets by innovators and designers.

● Water jet cutting: they are concise with mainly water and tiny grains. Mixed together at a very high pressure with the jet is use to cut metal. Waterjet cutting is said to be the most accurate when it comes to metal cutting with a tolerance as close as 0.025 mm. Link here offer a good waterjet cutting service that will suit your needs.

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